Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yoda's advise for Blogging (young yoda that is). 'Blog you may...but come will trouble'

If I was Yoda, this would be my advise to Luke regarding blogging. 'Listen, you must, or pain you feel.'

Just to let you all know...some things i learned in my short experience while blogging...

1. Church, blog you don't.
Beats me. But that is the advise I hear from others whom have been approached. But why shouldn't we blog about the church? I guess there is a reference in the bible about blogging about the church. Let me see Revelation 23, Matt 29? Oh that must be extra biblical content. But anyway if you don't want to get the black list keep off the church subject. Talk about other stuff then like dating, cool rock music, goth clothing, anything but church or Christianity (I'm talking in a sarcastic tone).

2. Feelings, blog you don't
This will definitely get you in trouble. Feelings should be kept at bay because when people who cant handle the truth in you (this means how you really feel) people will think you are weird or sick or crazy. So be careful how you present it. Maybe what you can do is for example if you feel rotten (i think we will always feel rotten) we should not write 'Man i just feel really sick, pathetic, or shitty' (if that is how you feel). Instead write I feel so pleasantly good, I simply feel perfect every day and not a hint of bad vibe. I am always ok and will always be. See, with all the pleasent things like that you will ward off suspicion. But if you ask me I will be more suspicious if people are feeling this 24/7. Sicko!

3. BLOG, blog you don't!
Simply, if you want to ward off people reading about what you blog about the most simplest of ways is DON't BLOG! Simply by doing this you will ward off unnecessary criticism just because you wanted to post how you feel or what you are going through.

Well just three points that i could mention. Mind the sarcasm. What i am really implying is just to spell it out...if you don't mind your blog being found out continue blogging. If you are living in fear and still want to blog make it private. But if you are simply like me, just let it be read by anyone. That's if anyone is reading my blog. Hahaha. I'd like to think i do have some readers out there.

The force, be with you it will!

(oh and another thing if you read, try to impersonate Yoda whenever you read the green colored sentences.)

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