Monday, October 13, 2008

Need your Prayers

Hey, if there are any blog readers out there (if i have any blog followers) I think this is somewhat a turning point in my life, and i need your prayers.

I might make a decision to move to West Malaysia. I got phone call just now about an 'offer' somewhere in Johor whether i was interested to start a church in Johor or somewhere near there. Something about being a full time worker under the Presbyterian Church there. They are also supportive of me going to further my studies also (which I am planning to do).

This sounds good. I want to make the right decision but I know i need direction to get the right direction. So if you do stumble upon this please pray with me. I appreciate your prayers.

And another thing is when should i tie the knot. When eh???


mShachi said...

tie what knot?

Tremonti said...

Hehe, ni u mau blur lagi like when i askd you about bgr u think burger. hehe u know what i mean..muah

Anonymous said...

Good...I am so happy that there's another door opening for least you'll be able to get away and not be associated at all with the present "office"!!!

Hopeful Theo

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