Saturday, October 18, 2008

It takes 6...

It takes 6 from 1st to 10th minus the 72, so that equals 66, for monkeys to scatter.
The pearl was given to her but she turned into a swine, not literally but like one. Swines are also known as pigs to put it in more understandable terms. In Bahasa pigs are called babi or khinzir; in my native tongue it's simply called berek. So like a swine, berek, babi, khinzir, jani', (hahaha) they dont know the value of the pearl. Pearls are taken from oysters. I think from the sea and you have to pry their shells to get the pearl.I have not seen this in reality but I saw it on TV. Interesting. Pearls are expensive and hard to get. And from what I know pearls take a considerable ammount of time to form in the oyster. It does not happen over night. And people have to look for them in the sea.

So now you know that why pearls are expensive. But to simply give them out to someone who becomes a swine is just plain wasting. But that is if you know that they turned into swines. So if you don't know prepare to see your pearl be trampled underfoot by the clueless swine. So it takes
6 from 1st to 10th minus the 72, so that equals 66, for monkeys to scatter.

I love the stroy of the reformation where Martin Luther posted the 95. A small monk thrumping the Goliath and thus we have our Protestant movement.

Deitrich Bonhoffer is one of those people I admire. He wrote the book 'Cost of Discipleship' and was tru to its core. His conviction led him to the intention to topple Hitler but the plan bit and he was put in prison and later on hanged. He took the cost of discipleship.

So it takes 6 from 1st to 10th minus the 72, so that equals 66, for monkeys to scatter.

Jesus the ultimate mentor, also opposed the Jews of his day and led the 'rebellion' and the pharisees say it. They were so agitated that they stripped him and crucified him. But his story none the less ende with death but justice. Instead of dying he Rose up. Justice was being presented. So it takes 6 from 1st to 10th minus the 72, so that equals 66, for monkeys to scatter.

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Anonymous said...

ehehe.... Some people overlook things n not only dat!!! They give meaning on their own about something dats not theirs n when asked to clarified, they stick with wat they think. LMFAO.u know wat dat mean? Laughing My Fat Ass Off! If u dont want to listen to people idea, why d hell ask or invite for a convo when u think in everything u r right? ROFL! Approachable konon.if so, the youth won't cry to tell how they can't talk to their parent or wat they say is not heard.please do us a favor, stop bullshitting n dont make me take photos to blog about how true n messed up are the kids that belong to u.jeeez...

Oh Hun, LOL.emo sikit.u know la.people talk sukati berak jak.obviously people dont have anything to do.go n do't they suppose to think or plan something for the community or something? Oh shoot! They r still busy in telling people in what to wonder I'm helping the buddhist least I know where d money I gave them go.TO THE POOR, n not in FD!

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