Thursday, October 16, 2008


How would you understand this word: Resurrection?

Do we think of it as our spirit only resurrecting? or Our whole body being resurrected.

It is normal for us to hear that our bodies are just a temporary home in which we live in at the time we are on earth. And when we die our bodies go back to dust and our real being is taken up with God. And we go to a place called heaven.

But this is not what resurrection means. What we understand reading the line above is what we might understand as after life. There is nothing wrong with after life as far as i am concerned. I believe that when we die our soul/spirit goes to God. But that is not what resurrection means.

The implication of resurrection is that our bodies will rise up again also. This is something that i learned from N.T Wright. So if i might rephrase after life, in N.T Wright's words, the Christian position is 'Life, after life'. It basically means after the after life, there is still another life. Where our bodies will be resurrected again.

If death is to loose it's sting, victorious over body and spirit, it looses its sting via the resurrection! Did you not wonder why Jesus, when he met the disciples, he is always depicted as eating. He even let them touch his hands and side. It also says that we are to receive a resurrection just like that of Jesus. If that is the case be glad that we will not just be resurrected just spirit only but in body too.


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