Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Join in the Conversation.. Jesus Creed

I would like us to join in the conversation on Rachel's blog on a book that she is reading "Jesus Creed " by Scot McKnight. She doing a daily post chapter by chapter. What we have now is on Chapter 4. I would be great if we all can chip in this conversation, not for the sake of just commenting but as we build on conversation. I think, as we pry out the ideas from our minds into comments, we will broaden the mind of others and we also will learn from others as well.

I also want to alert us to the conversation because I would like to introduce us to books that can broaden our Christian understanding. This is one of the particular books that has deepen my Christian understanding, and I am believing it will do so for you too.

So, lets hop in on the band wagon and join in on the conversation!

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