Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Misreading...Miss Everything

Have you watched movies where the hero of the movie is caught by the villain and he is sort of held at bay or something like that.

And because this hero seems to be a menace to the villains plan there seems to be only one option to stop the on sloth of the hero; hit him where he is weak (i.e. find his weak spot). If you are already familiar with hero villain feuds you will know the hero's weakest point: those people who are close to him/ her.

So in situation like this the hero might utter some very vicious words to his/her loved ones like 'I dont care for you', 'i hate you', 'i don't want to see your face again' or something like that. This is because the hero want to ward off those whom he/she loves from being harmed.

Of course the loved ones would feel really offended or baffled and walk off. Still suffering of the aftermath of the harsh words spoken. But what they don't know is it was for their own safety.

But as any hero movies go, the loved one will always be reunited with the hero and explanation will always be given. And because of that the loved ones will appreciate the hard gesture of the hero though the words were harsh there was in them love and protection.

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand those people out there (those shallow-minded people who thinks blogging is bad...oh, sorry blogging is a SIN!)...what is wrong with them?
BTW, who cares!...I guess those people are also some really lame people...
I'd tell them to read and digest some of the facts (oh, sorry...i mean thoughts!) that has been written...TRUTH is hard to believe sometimes, but when truth comes don't shove it off...

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