Saturday, October 25, 2008

Books... Maybe a series of posts on what I have read

I am thinking on doing a series of posts on books that have revolutionized my thinking to greater heights and I hope that they probe interest in whoever is reading to expand their knowledge altogether.

Books are what I consider my treasure (apart from my PRS Tremonti SE guitar) at the moment because I am a freak for knowledge and thought expansion, whatever that means. I wonder how these writers come up with these brilliant ideas and let alone compile them into books! Phew. If there is a possibility later I would love to see me writing a book in the future.

Well reading and all that has cause me to be more open to opinions and other peoples ideas. I can say that I will be interested more in people who disagrees with my ideas and is willing to talk or write about it. I find that where we live in people get sensitive when they hear your point of views. But I am learning that these incidents will always be there.

I guess at the moment I see disagreements as a way to build on clarity because not everyone will know where you come up with an idea. It is good to lend a listening ear to disagreements. We do well to listen then just ranting out how we don't agree with a person. And if the conversation or written comments don't come to an agreement, then we should leave them there. How can we impose our ideas on people? What more if people are not willing to listen.

So for me books has saved my sanity with my culture here. Of always being afraid of popping up with the ideas that I have thought of. I guess there is a the generation that is afraid of questionings and there is a generation ripe for that sort of thing.

Anyway I am looking forward to post on the books that have challenged my mind to think.


Anonymous said...

i trust in ur choices of book. Thanks for giving me good books...oh and il see you tomorow and we go and buy the blue like jazz for my friend okie?

Tremonti said...

Sure! hehe

Hopeful Theo

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