Monday, October 20, 2008

The Danger of Reading

Reading is dangerous. Just a simple reminder, because they can really mess with your minds. I got this obsession of reading when i hit 20. I started reading late but ever since then I could not stop. It has become an addiction on me. Ideas are welling up with no outlet to channel them. I guess people look at me as someone who has low IQ. I guess because of the way I look (hahaha). Well if anyone wants please engage with me on books (well i only can read theology/ Christan issues kind of books at the moment, i am trying my best at other genre. I have trouble reading novels! I love stories but i just cant keep my head in novels. I wonder why? Any remedies?)

Other problems i face when i got this addiction is I am not satisfied with just the books we can find here in Miri (oops am i against Miri if i say in Miri there are limited books? Sorry Miri. I offend you because it is true. There are not MANY books that I can buy and get HERE!)

I'm so thnakful for the internet because via the net i can access information on unlimited numbers of books. I have brain hunger every single second!

But anyways I just want to state that books are 'dangerous' only if they influence you. Bad books. I'll just put the books as a skapegoat for the ideas that i am having (I know, what a lame excuse). But let me state this straight, if books don't conjure up influence that provokes action, simply throw the book away. What good is a book if it does not influence you to action. The wealth of knowledge will pollute in your mind if you do not act the things that influence you. It becomes just knoble ideas and no more. I think books were meant for reading but not reading alone. They are meant to stimulate our minds for action.

Oh and another thing, show me your book cabinet and I will tell you my ideas.


Anonymous said...

hehehe...nice....go go go....Im proud of you babe. i dont mind you fail in the process of executing what you have learn, but hy, we are born to fail and im glad we have an option to rise up. Thats the only way to least that is what they taught me in school. Duno about people. So hatters in the house, booya!

Anonymous said...

ixooohhh...I love looking at the books...shame on some people who pretend to be smart!They talk and talk and sorry to tell ya, sometimes their words are without any substance! Why? because they don't read! They only read when someone announce there's a good book in town and everybody end up reading the same book...without even realizing that some people read this book like many years ago!haha...keep the reading spirit alive!

Timothy Lee said...

i am also building up little library,love books!

Tremonti said...

Hahaha- books= treasure

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