Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stuff to do...during boring sermons

I saw this post here and found it hilarious. I would love to add to it but I will think about it later. Hope for the readers out there I am not implying that peoples sermons are boring. But there are sermons that are boring regardless if you are a Billy Graham or some standard preacher. Do you think Paul fits the category of boring speakers? He might have (someone did doze off and fall asleep and fell and died but thank God he rose from the dead after Paul prayed for him) hahaha. But hey this is just a joke so don't take it personally. I have seen people sleep during my sermons (the only few i preached that is haha).

Initially i wanted to do a post on this following the influence of the link above but I am afraid people might judge me for that too. So just enjoy a light hearted moment. Adios


unfinishedquest said...

ehehe...and like wat i post on his blog..... WE CAN PICK OUR NOSE!

Anonymous said...

when i'm bored during (blame it on the preacher sometimes!), i'll read my bible...usually I'll go to Genesis and read all my favorite stories..Abraham, Joseph, keeps me awake!

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