Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to Make Money? and Loose weight?

Today I will be your wisdom teacher...

How to make Money?
Actually I don't have the answer to this question. But i do have some suggestions to keep your money! Here goes...

1. Don't spend more than what you earn!
2. Try to spend somewhere around the middle of the month (That is if you receive salary). I do this as often as I can. The reason; sometimes in the beginning of the month and we see something we are really crazy about, to discipline your will sometimes we have to take drastic measures. This is mine. It make me think through (maybe do some research whether I really need the thing. Sure enough when I do this I will (80%) not turn back and buy the stuff.
3. Don't gamble.
4. Be ruthless in how you do it. Hahahahaha

How to loose weight?
1. Loose rice. I mean eat as little portion as possible.
2. Lessen your eating habits. This is lessen the in between 'eatings'.
3. Eat at home.
4. Exercise.
5. To tell you the truth I am still learning all these things!

So anyway, this post is less on the sensitive issues that i usually post. So I will keep things balanced. For now. Well the next post will be on Forgiveness. I have been thinking through this issue for a while now. I guess i will post this tommorow.

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mShachi said...

ROFL!!!!! ahahahaha.....ur funny as hell...hmmm....dont think we'l b laughing in hell eh...oh shoooot..thats very controversial issue...shud have never talk about it....damn.huehuehuehue...and thanks for ur help on those post i requested. ROFL!

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