Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Voice (NT)

Just something I would like to recommend to you all out there. I bought this bible a few months back "the Voice (New Testament)" and found out that I really like this particular bible a lot. Not that the other translations are bad just that this bible t has a fresh approach to it.

Some of the features...

1. It has this new screenplay format that is just wonderful. Sort of like reading lines off a script for a play. See for yourself:

2. It has some short commentary boxes which are helpful. There are some neat facts or background details coupled with some devotional thought on a passage which I found helpful while reading a particular book (gospel, epistle).

3. It's a new translation. Not one that is literal but it's a sort of a "retelling" as ascribed by a reviewer of the bible on Amazon. (Brian Baute's gives a balanced review of "the Voice").

Anyway If you are considering to get a new translation of the bible which is readable (well this particular one is only in New Testament at the moment) the I would recommend "the Voice" as an ideal choice. As of now, I'm currently reading through Romans. It's good to have another addition to my bulky collection of bible translation. ;).

Check out the official website of the Voice as well, and download a sample: The Gospel of John in PDF!


Kurt said...

I recently heard about this project. Now, is the commentary based on the smaller valumes that came out individually? I know that Brian McLaren wrote one of the Gospel of Luke (i think)...

Well, i will take your advise on this one. I was curious about it but no one that i knew had it. I will have to save up i think since i have too many bibles laying around these days ha! My latest purchase was the "Green Bible" which features an excellent article by our boy NT Wright! Happy New Year!

Tremonti said...

I think the voice is a compilation of all those individual books. Well that is just my hunch because I cant really compare the individual books with the 'Voice' volume I have. I went through the net looking for reviews of to this bible and got some nasty reviews from reformed camps. Anyway this particular bible has Darrell Bock (one of the many NT Scholars on board with this project) as a contributor with Brian Mclaren translating Acts.

I have been thinking about getting "the Green Bible" too. Is it any good? Well Im just interested in the articles inside (haha) since you mentioned N T Wright. I guess anything with his name in it and on it is a recommendation in itself.haha. Happy New Year to you too buddy.

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