Friday, December 12, 2008

Political Tactics rubbing off to the Ekklesia

There was a buzz created in the arrest of Malaysia blogger Raja Petra because of allegations that he blogged some posts 'against' the government. This cause a stir in the Malaysian social scene and raised some eyebrows at how the government are handling things. I won't comment here on which position I am in on this because of the sensitive issue pertaining to it but obviously, you might already know where I stand on this ;).

Well the funny thing is I have met with this type of allegation on taking legal action against me due to the nature of my blog. I don't know whether it is based on the x-rated material that i blog about (Which is none, obviously). Well it serves as a reminder that it does seem funny that this sort of allegation is can be found in the ekklesia! Imagine legal action. I am still mulling over this and it all seems funny and like sort of a big joke.

It does seem like political leaders do rub off their influece even until they are being translated to the ekklesia.

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