Monday, December 1, 2008

Coming to the End of the Year

I guess October was the month that i posted the most, period, compared to the other months. November's posts have gone back to their usual volume. There are reasons for that but I will not mention them for the time being. I guess all would be revealed in my biography when I do get enough reliability points or I become what Malcolm Gladwell calls 'outliers'.

Anyway, reflecting on this year, I would say they never go easy. I guess the reality that we have to cope with is there is no such thing as a smooth year. What I mean is crammed in a year are situations that cannot be tamed, we cannot dictate events that come our way. The only dictation that we 'have' is how we respond to the ups and downs in a year.

I also find that growing older does not make a person mature. Maturity comes with how one lives life and respond to situations and people. Our response will either dent or further our maturity. Don't think for once that all older people are more mature in a sense that they have wisdom to deal with situations in life. Some do, but some just appear mature because of age. There is a saying that goes 'age doesn't make you a man'.

This year has been tough and unpredictable. I have situations that I still don't understand. They all seem like just a bad dream that I can just wake up and everything turns to normal. But I soon realize when reality kicks in, it was all just plain reality. Just some sad turn of events also; my cuz's passing has been hard to swallow. Sometime he just pops in my mind. There was a time whenever he got back from working offshore, he would drive over to my aunt's place (which is situated right next to my house) and you could just hear the engine on his sports car roar like crazy. I miss those moments. Wish everything was back to normal.

I would like to announce that I just put up another blog. Do check it out: StreetWiseScholar. Not that I anticipate a flood of followers, but I figure posting on this stuff would sharpen my mind as well as help me help 'readers' understand what needs to be understood about biblical as well as theological issues. I haven't started yet but I will be sure to post something by this week.

As for this present blog, I will strictly use it as a blog of opinions and stuff that I interest me: church, leadership, ministry, theological issues and other random stuff. which will focus more on theology and all things biblical. The purpose of the blog: introducing people to biblical and theological scholarship

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