Friday, December 5, 2008

The DAy that Changed Everything

When tributes are due, today is that sort of day. I would like to remember a friend, who passed away is an accident on the 5th of December 2005. He was one of the youths in the church that I attended during that time. He was a budding musician and was getting good at it even outplaying me. I have good memories before the incident and one of them was when I got to talk to him on the day before he passed on. Talking about his passion for music and about a christian biography book he read. I even gave a recommendation of another book he might be interested in when we get back from our youth trip. These were good memories and I miss him.

Reflecting upon how things have progressed after that, everything changed. Sometimes I wish 'if only I could have...'. I think you never will be able to remove that sorrow or the memories. They will always stay there. What we can do is cope with the situation. We move on, for that is the only way to it. Not to neglect the sorrow or sadness or memories but to move on with where faith leads.

But that aside, I still have this question lurking every time I transport myself back to that day...what if...if only.

Here's to you Aaron.


Kurt said...

I hate death. I am thankful that you have a hope that he will be with us on the glorious day of resurrection and consumation... then and forever! Great tribute.

Tremonti said...

Thanks man. The resurrection is one of those beliefs that makes me have unwavering hope in Jesus and his mission.

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