Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Habitual Bliss

I just received some books that I bought via the mail. Shopping for books are a drag here in Miri because of the selections. It really is disappointing really. That is not a good sign for my wallet because as you know money obviously don't grow on trees. Anyway let me show you the books I received through the mail:

Got these from Kinokuniya, a bookstore in KL. The good thing about them is you can order books via the net which is convenient, but the only hassle is their shipping fee (RM 40 bucks!!) and the price of some of their books...but I'm not complaining because the books are good and they arrive a day or two after you ordered them which is pretty fast! Well I have to bear with the prices until i get a job that helps me with this (joking but in a serious tone). Check out the store if you are in Malaysia that is.

About the books...I'm recently in a mode wanting to study Jewish culture so hence the first book. And Genesis has been a fasination and a struggle to understand so the second book will help on that part (it was also recomended by Scot McKnight so that adds a lot of credibility in the book). The third book is another area of interest for me mainly because I have a fascination in New Testament studies (historical Jesus, gospel reliability, gnostic gospels..) and Nicholas Perrin is a very engaging writer. Though a scholar, his books are reader friendly. I liked "Lost in Transmission" so much that I had to read his other book which was available in Malaysia (just over the sea in Semenanjung Malaysia sigh...).

Here's another book that I bought here in Miri in Popular. A helpful book on Leadership by Seth Godin. It's not a Christian book but we as Christians can and must learn from others as well. The book is called "Tribes: We need you to Lead us". This book doesn't have a table of contents. But for those who are familiar with the blog sphere, the format of the book is constructed in a way like short posts, so you will not be intimidated by it. And it's not that thick either.

Well, I'm still waiting for another two books to arrive. More theological in nature and I just love that. I hope you check out these books.


RachelRaymond said...

which is mine? :P

Tremonti said...

haha. I'm not sure...

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