Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Great Expectation

Do you have moments when you post something on your blog and you have a notion of 'great expectation' that you did some justice to the subject you are posting? Like you wish that a flood of responses would just flow in as you 'expectantly' visit or log into your blog. Sometimes I get preoccupied with that sort of notion. It does sound pathetic but even in cyberspace our humanistic desire to be known and significant is translated in the tools of communication. Even as I type these letters and construct these words into sentences that have meaning, at the back of my head, I wonder how many people would read, will I provoke their thoughts, will they gain insight from the ideas I posted, will people agree with them, will i give encouragement, will i ignite controversy...? But the underlining fact of these question are really...I want to be known and I want to be significant. I guess we will always have these notions even when we least expect them.


Kurt said...

I have to admit that the struggle to 'become someone' and to be known and engaging is something that I deal with internally. Your thoughts reflect my thoughts, but you were willing to admit it :-) I think that the desire to be known is part of how we are wired, but sometimes we can distort this desire... Bottom line is that in spite of this struggle, I would rather error on the side of occasionally having a 'great expectation' than not have the opportunity to interact with the greater blogosphere!

Tremonti said...


I would have to agree with you here we will always have this tension, but as you said it we are in it for interacting with others which is key! Tools of communication can be distorted but they can also be redeemed. Thanks for your comments.

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