Saturday, January 12, 2008

We're Adults!!!

It's a strange thing. Well maybe in the context where I am living in ( point that to Miri). Let me tell you, people still view someone like me, 28 years old (to make it clearer, twenty eight years old, TWENTY EIGHT YEARS OLD) a youth. Or worse people still think people like me children. Man!!! I'm 28 for goodness sake. To make it more clearer, i'm almost thirty!!!

Why are most people in my generation shoved up in this category? Why are we labeled youths?

I keep thinking in some cases it's because the adults and some parents don't want to let us grow and take up responsibilities. Well that is one of the reasons. Another could be, people think that we are incapable of handling responsibilities.

Both are true in a sense. So if adults think we are not capable, mentor us, help us, show us how it is done, supervise in minimal dictator spirit. I'm gasping for air.

Do you know, people in my generation, or those close to mine are the most lost crowd in Church? Well this is just a general observation. It's not true of all young adults but in general for me that's how i see it. I mean when i turned 20 things started to change. Alienation crept in. I was neither a youth or adult (or accepted in the adult group). But i made it through going into that transition but i think there are many casualties lost in transition.

I mean we are loosing our next church leaders and people. If we don't do anything we are not going to see these people anymore or those in the younger generation because if we don't do something about it we are going to loose out on a whole generation.

I just urge, all those young adults to rise above the transition and be an adult. Lets show the older adults that we also can contribute to society and to church as well. Make drastic measures. Lets do something about it.

My urge, Let us go...

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