Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am Legend

I must say that this is one cool movie. Sure it has these cool effects and all that but the most important thing for me watching a movie is the message behind the story. I was turned off reading a comment/ rather a review about the movie (It went something like, "...if you don't mind watching a movie with just one character...Will Smith...", not in the exact words). But anyway Rachel told me it was cool so i took her word for it and watched it. And i must say, some reviewers are such lame fellows (probably because the sit and watch a lot of movies and the get tired at some point and wrap up some cheesy review...well sort of).

But anyway back to the movie. Its has a kind of apocalyptic theme embedded in the story. Something like the end of the world is coming. The story revolves around New York being the main location hence, the scientist (i think) Will Smith's character who has not given up hope in finding a cure. A cure for a virus that has infected the whole city and the whole world. People turned into Zombie like creatures that roam only in the dark, something to do with their condition (they cant stand the UV rays; the sunlight).

Well anyway there was this scene, where Smith's character talked or rather explained about Bob Marley. Something about his vision or message of peace through music. Anyway Marley, in one of his concert, he was attacked (did he get shot??? I'm not sure, i didn't pay attention),anyway after that incident the next day he did another concert!!! Some reporter (or something like that) asked him why he was still doing a concert, not fearing of another attack. He answered, that there are a lot of people out there doing evil and they don't seem like stopping, taking a break, not taking a rest (just to get the meaning clear), so we who want to spread good, peace should do like wise!

That's a wow factor to me. I mean, since Evil is not taking a break in spreading its effects, Good on the other hand cannot give up. Good cannot afford to take a rest, and work to nullify evil. I like that. It gives us motivation, that even when evil is marking its territory and stamping its credentials that it is here to stay, Good must do the same as well. Because ultimately Good will triumph. Like the movie's message, a cure was found. And it was found because someone believed and kept on working and working the extra mile.


CeLiNe said...

AH!! i sooo love this movie..short & intelligent.and will smith's character is so unyielding, it amazes me..

Btw, welcome to the world of blogging, man! Finally, his thoughts in readible format, haha!

Amy said...

im saying amen to that.... hahahhaa

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