Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Theology of church Extinction

When I read this it got me really thinking,

"...I sometimes ask audiences how many people have ever read a book on the growth or establishment of a church, and many people raise their hands. Then I ask how many people have ever read a book on the death or extinction of a church, and virtually nobody does. But in history, church death is a very common phenomenon..."

That really blew my mind! If the small excerpt caught your attention you should read the article here.


Mason said...

Thanks for pointing that article out, it was an interesting read. Certainly we tend to speak little about the ways the church has been driven from certain places, like Iraq today or North Africa a millennium ago.

I thought that Jenkins presented a rather one sided picture though. The church is not only weakened or driven out through persecution.
Cultural shifts and problems within the church can be a major factor as well. Look at much of Europe for example, or the States in recent years. Both were at one point bastions of Christianity, but now are increasingly walking away from the faith, and not because of any persecution.
Whereas in China and the Global South, where persecution is commonplace, the church is growing at an incredible rate.

Tremonti said...

I think you pointed out correctly when you said that Jenkins presented a one side view.

I'm still curious of his findings though. What he said about persecution is opposed to the norm of what we hear of how it affects the church. But i think there is some truth to it.

And i agree with your assessment of church in the west. It is not just persecution but a number of other factors as well. Anyway are you familiarity with his writings? I haven't read him yet.

~me memory land~ said...

hi jon...nice post,,tp kepala me pusing baca..haha..yalah lama tak baca english..well..this is my yang tak berfaedah b my follower la..haha

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