Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bible and Alcohol

This is quite an interesting post by Scot McKnight. Something that I have been thinking about myself but didn't have the courage to pursue my thoughts on the blog. Lets just say that I take the position of this professor. So if you haven't read it already, here I am directing your attention to it.


Mason said...

Though drunkenness is condemned in the Bible, for a variety of good reasons both socially and physically, the idea that it is more faithful to not drink at all is totally unbiblical.
The strain of Evangelicalism I was raised in has large numbers of people who are opposed to drinking on any level, and tend to speak poorly of people who disagree, saying that someone is a ‘social drinker’ is spoken is such hushed condemning tones you’d expect them to be saying the person is a convict or a AIG executive.
Personally, though I have no issue at all with people who decide drinking is not for them, I think that the Pharisaical condemnation of anyone who chooses to drink does as much harm to the church as ignoring the topic altogether would.

Tremonti said...

i agree with you. I was taught that any form of drinking was wrong and a real sin. The historical background of my tribe in Malaysia , borneo were very heavy drinkers and the missionaries that came sort of banned them from doing so. The condition was pretty bad and i do agree that the missionaries then did something good.

But what is sad is that we the new generation are taught a narrow perspective on drinking so the Pharisaical notion is really real here as well. It is simply sad really. Like what McKnight said, to take a position above the biblical information we have is simply unwarranted.

Kurt Willems said...

Jon, I agree with you and Scot 100%! I heard a camp speaker say this once: "Jesus didn't turn the water into grape juice..." I think that sums up the arguement for me on this one!

Tremonti said...

Hahaha. That is a very good point! I think in this case, especially on alcohol, we very much add to scripture.

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