Monday, March 9, 2009

The heavens are mute and in shock!

I think Jesus did more then what the picture above is depicting. It says here "Jn 1:14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us." Jesus identified and also rubbed dirt with us.

I had this thought in my head a few days back. A man walks up to someone on the streets and talks to him about the love of God. The basic track content of explaining how someone is reconciled back to God and avoids heaven (the four spiritual laws for example).

After some time going through the tract the man soon ask the guy on the street, lets say this guy is some poor homeless guy, asks him whether he wants to accept Jesus into his life because if he does he will experience God's blessing on his life. So the homeless guy does what he is told to do from this man and prays the sinners prayer.

After that the man lights up after leading someone to Christ, thinking to himself the ecstatic cheers and applause happening in heaven over a soul that is saved. Having done his job, he leaves the 'gospel' tract with the homeless guy and a bible. The man tells him just to follow the steps found on the back of the tract where it says "Now that you are a Christian...", and then leaves smiling while the homeless guy is still in his same condition; homeless, hungry and poor. Well, at least he is saved right?

Do you think the angels and God will approve of this?

I doubt it though.


Mason said...

I think God would approve because one of His valued image bearing creations has returned to their true Lord, yes.
But I think God would not approve fully, for if we truly love God and want to serve him we will love others as well, and we must remember that living out that love does not end with someone coming into our camp or accepting our message of good news. If it really is good news it should be good news now as well as later, not in the sense that everything will always go the converts way, but rather that there will always be a community to lean on.

Kurt said...

I agree with Mason above, but have a different thought.

I think that if the person is really excited about evanglizing to the homeless man, that he ought to look at physical needs first. For me, to sit and listen to this man's story over lunch, rather than give him a four step processes to get out of hell free, will create a relational bond and a sincerety about the transforming power of the gospel. Then, I would begin to discuss spiritual matters and explain why i was energized to take the time and get to know him. Who knows, maybe such an approach would have a lasting impact? Maybe we would pray together and agree to meet again for lunch the following week? Maybe i would be able to take him to church with me? I am not saying that I am perfect in this area, but this is the kind of direction i see my evangelistic opportunities taking me...

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