Saturday, March 14, 2009

Red's not biblical...or so it seems.

I once heard someone in church say something like this:

"There is nowhere in the bible that talks about us having a joint account."

Obviously this person thinks that we should treat the bible as a law on what we can do and what we cannot do. In this case we are guilty of acquiring microphones for our speakers because we don't find Jesus and his apostles adjusting their mics before they spoke. I'm just weary that people can stoop so low in their handling of the bible, and this is from a leader.

Let us just be clear of something here. The bible does not talk about everything in life. Notice that it was originally written in a certain context, addressing a certain group of people on issues pertaining to their day. But with that on the side the bible is the source book on our faith. Our reflections on scripture are interpretations of the ancient text on what they meant and after that seeking application of this pathway.

With that on the side, it is simply off the mark to tell someone not to watch television because Jesus never talked about TV. Or, we are not to travel by air on an airplane because it is not biblical and the bible only talks about traveling on foot and by ships. Or, it is not biblical that we have a worship band or worship leaders because we don't find this in the NT.

Remember that not everything that the bible does not mention is a reason for us to say "it is not biblical and therefore we cannot do this". It simply might be context wise or the world we are living in now.

So get your interpretation right. Please.


Mason said...

Well if we are going to approach the Christian life that way we also all stop speaking our native languages and learn Aramaic and Greek, trade in all our books from scrolls, give up blogging, and use donkys instead of cars right?

lol talk about not being able to get that the Bible is a culturally grounded book, that spoke within a particular context and history, and isn't set up to be applied like a law code for the most part.

Thats not at all to say that the Bible isn't authoritative, it is, we just need to be more thoughtful about what that means. People who try the 'TV is not in the Bible' line clearly have not thought through all the implications of what they are doing. Even the Amish would have to give up a lot to go back to first century life, and really that isn't the point anyways.

Tremonti said...

LOL! Stop speaking our native languages? Now that was one i missed! The irony of this is the person is given the pulpit to teach and preach scripture. When i heard of it i had mixed was funny and at points simply bad reading and interpretation of the bible.

And using donkeys instead of cars? LOL.

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