Saturday, March 14, 2009

On Writing

I started late taking interest in books. I only started reading seriously at 20. By serious I mean, that's when I started to read books that had no pictures in them. Books were a bore, compared to music, which was my main thing.

When I said music being my main thing, it means that I treated music like religion. I play guitar so the natural instinct of playing musical instruments is to form a band. So, i used to practice my guitar playing by rewinding my cassettes until I was able to nail a song. Well, not necessarily note for note but i would say I got like 80% right. I meant to put 90% but that would be bragging. I'm an OK guitar player so saying like I got something right on a 80% scale would be a humble description. There was one that I skipped sleep for two days in a row playing guitar.

It was during this time too that I was really into song writing. I always respected band that plays their own music and writes their own songs. True artist I would call them. I liked how songs talk about something. That's when I ventured into song writing. I wrote songs in the vein of
KORN, complete with the "Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics" kind of vibe to it. The lyrics were dark. My dream was to form a band and write our own songs and who knows, to be famous.

But the band thing did not materialize. Soon songwriting evolved to different perspective when I turned my life to Jesus. Sort of like songs venturing in the worship music vibe kind of song writing. But somewhere along the line I sort of 'gave up' taking song writing seriously. I guess that when my attention came to books and again back to writing. I plan to be some sort of writer someday...hopefully. Part of the writing bug has evolved into this blog. I think it is a good platform to keep my mind in focus on writing. Anyway the narrative aside here are two posts on writing that I found interesting by Donald Miller (See here and here).


Eilidh said...

cool post. I've recently been thinking about the fact that I love writing too and that's why enjoying blogging so much! it's also good to know you enjoy writing what I enjoy reading :)

Tremonti said...


Thanks for the comments! Hopefully the passion for writing will lead somewhere!


Dan Martin said...

It's an important observation, Jon. In my opinion a lot of the things that are in many "4 or 5-point pamphlets" in fact AREN'T in the Bible, at least not in the way the pamphlet author intended. The whole system of the "Plan of Salvation," though it has certainly been used by God to bring people to himself, is an extra-Biblical attempt to extract the "meat" of the gospel, and I think it severely misses the boat (as I wrote some months ago).

Until we make a conscious effort to emphasize in our "gospel message" the things our Lord himself emphasized, we're preaching something other than what he preached. I don't claim to have it right, but I'm pretty sure the popular summaries have it wrong.


Tremonti said...


I think you meant to post this comment on another post. The one below this one.haha.

Anyways, I agree with you. I only realized this after reading books like Donald Miller and other Emergent/ Emerging authors. I heard a talk by Mcknight on this thing too. Its pretty sad that people are still using them without a care, what i mean is without knowing whats in the bible actually. People take for granted what the gospel message is because we use these methods so much so that they become that standard of what gospel is.

I will check your post on this again. I remembered i browsed through it a while ago though!


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