Friday, February 13, 2009

Seminary...not just for Pastors.

When I was in bible school there were conversations budding around a common thought pattern that theological training/seminary/bible school will always and definitely lead to full time ministry. Deviating from this would be heresy and some even assume that a person will be cursed by God. Strong sentiments but none are true, biblical or even Christian! I don't know where/how these sort of explanations were formed but I think because not many here would want to pursue being a pastor as an ideal 'job'. Because of that those who do enter bible school forced to embrace this, no questions asked.

I liked the conversation that was generated by that post I did entitled "Should Theological Training always lead to ministry". I found the comments helpful and I believe that some of my friends in bible school benefiting from it. Anyway there is an article on Christianity Today talking about the same issue but on a slightly different angle. I found it helpful in my plight to open the eyes of those who seem ignorant to understanding our dilemma here. May we be able to take off the eyes of tradition/familiarity to see a bigger picture ahead.

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