Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Explaining Emergent Churches - Inner Compass (Peter Rollins)

Peter Rollins is a guy that I would call as someone who thinks outside of the box. He never seems to be out of analogies, parables and explanations that keeps you gawking while you pick up your thoughts. Be forewarned though, his explanations would be deemed unorthodox (even heresy) by some. Others (like me), take them as brilliant. Nevertheless, lets not put labels on before we open our ears to listen, widen the horizons of our beliefs and discernment and undertake the task of critique only after all that. Enjoy...

Explaining Emergent Churches - Inner Compass from Calvin College on Vimeo.


Mason said...

Thanks for posting this, just got done watching.
I've seen some other interviews with Rollins, and I'd agree with you that he is a brillient thinker who makes a lot of important points.
At the same time, I think he sets aside far more of the content of the faith than is ok to do. Mike Wittmer in "Don't Stop Believing" talks quite a bit about Rollins, and he is highly complementary about his vision, and speaking ability, and passion for living Christianity out, but at the same time give some really important critiques of where Rollins has gone too far. I'd agree with Wittmer here.
Rollins is right in much of what he is doing here, and we need to listen, but at the same time if everything is up for grabs, then we actually don't have a faith to live out in the first place.
And in the end if we don't have a faith which shows us truth in the way of Jesus then we have no way to say that feeding the poor is better than forcing them into labor camps in some sort of perverse social-darwinism.

Tremonti said...

I agree with you and have these points where I was uncomfortable (at points)
1.I notice that there is sort of a distinction made on believing, an intellectual confessed idea and believing as a worked/ lived out idea.
2.There are also hints that 'true' knowing is experiential knowing in where Rollins was answering the question on meaning of God, which he answers the question encouraging those who ask to go and do what people who believe in God do.
3. The experimentation of Ikon where they practice what Rollins calls 'suspended space' where people set down their positions and envision the kingdom of God.
(but having said that I still deem Rollins' mind to be cracking brilliant!)

And thanks for the heads up on the book, you have once again shifted my attention on this book. He has a blog too as I was googling his name up. I'll put him on my blog roll. Reading some of his post I think he adds some needed leveling on postmodern perspectives. I'll probably get his book together with Rollins' 'How(not) to speak of God' as a needed balance!

Anonymous said...

(i think even rollins would say) whether you agree with rollins isnt as important as whether you wrestle with what he is saying and come to a conclusion of your own.

such is his brilliance.

Tremonti said...

How true indeed. Well regardless if anyone agrees with hi or not the important thing is that we wrestle with the stuff he puts forth!

The Hedonese said...

great thots, Mason - it sums up a lot of folks in the emergent fad lar...

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