Friday, February 13, 2009

Mind not Needed

This is a story that might have theological leanings and a dab of sarcasm.

A farmer, who also happens to be a recent, faithful church goer was musing as he was taking a break from working on his farm. Sitting under a tree, thoughts surfaced like popping clouds, i guess you could say that he had a comic character experience. Thoughts like 'what is a christian?' or 'what are the marks of a christian?' or ' the things that defines a christian person?'. Being a farmer as he was (not all farmers are illiterate but in this fictional story this one is) he couldn't care less about theological issues and stuff like that. In fact because he was new to the faith he didn't know much about the bible. So because of that he wanted to find answers to his questions.

It just so happens that one of the elders of the church he was attending came by to make a visit. The farmer told the elder that he was happy that the Lord had led them to meet because he believed that just at the point as he was in deep thought and questionings, the Lord was good enough to send his servant to answer his questions.

As he cleared his throat, processing the right words to use because obviously he didn't want to sound stupid, he asked the elder, "Having been a christian and being an Elder in church, I would like to know from your vast experience in Christendom, What do you think are the marks of a christian?" Obviously the farmer had heard the word 'Christendom' being used somewhere and thought it would somehow impress his elder with the intention not to look silly in asking a silly question.

The elder, pleased to be asked to give his opinion based on his 'vast experience in Christendom' answered, "This is a good question, and one that people have benefited from my answer. Well, the marks of a Christian are, a person who faithfully attends church and it's numerous meetings, tithes and gives his/her offerings faithfully, doesn't curse, doesn't drink, doesn't go to the pub, doesn't smoke, doesn't listen to 'secular music' but only christian songs, dresses his best on Sunday, reads the bible, faithfully prays, active in church no matter how occupied you are with your work because it is in church where you really serve God and well that's all that there is to it i think. I think that sums up the marks of a Christian. I hope that answers your question."

The farmer thinking the elder as an anointed man of God believed his definitive answer to what a christian should look like. Although he, at points he did not fully agree with the elder nevertheless he reasoned that since this man is an elder, his experience and status coupled with being an 'anointed leader' were enough to be authoritative basis for these explanations.


Christians often leave their reasoning minds when it come to faith. I find that we normally leave our minds at the point of entry into the church building. We leave our reasoning at the door, when we talk to an 'anointed' pastor, preacher or elder/deacon. We let them define everything for us while we pose with our bibles, merely being a fashion statement for christian church goers. And most of all we assume everything that we learn are true because we learn them in 'church' without further examining the scriptures. I respect church leaders and stuff taught in our churches, what I am asking is that we too have to be responsible Christians to study and differentiate between tradition/unbiblical positions and what is biblically faithful.

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