Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some Sort of Feeling

Going back to the college again and taking up a module (to salvage something) on counseling is cool for my mind but sort of uncool for my appearance. Generally I got to know that 'pastors' are forbidden to have long hair (that's if you call mine long. It is kind of, but it's not that long.). There were a few people who still regarded me as a human being but i just feel a sense of rejection. Wow talk about a place that is teaching about God, and saying that Christianity is about relationships and freedom, we are not under the law. Sure, we can buy all those things but it's a hoax.

I mean, does it matter how we dress? We say we must be smart. I got to know that there is such a thing as how an SIB member dresses. Wow! We have dress codes in SIB. Amazing but i would rather call it SAD! It is kind of sick. No wonder we don't have people outside who find that there is anything interesting about Christianity or the thing about following Jesus. To be a Christian is sort of like wear a certain kind of dress code, keep tidy, don't drink, smoke, hold girlfriend's hand in public, go out with girlfriend in public (don't you just wonder why these relationships look for secluded areas because Christians are JUDGEMENTAL), don't have long hair, don't wear torn jeans, has to be smart when going to church, has to speak a certain way, and the list goes on. Welcome to religion! But then we say it's about freedom and relationship. Well if the list talks about freedom and relationship to you well well you just painted another name for religion!

You know what? I am tired of this kind of Christianity. It's sort of sick. In the end Christianity becomes more an image thing rather than a relationship with God and the community. I'm just tired. I feel rejected by my own peers. You know when they had tea breaks, i would prefer to get myself as far away from that community. It's a pain. How would those outside feel. I would spell it for you: REJECTED.

Remember that Jesus sat at the table with the wrong crowd. Are we still rooting with Jesus or the Pharisees? We have to ask this question.


kween said...

O.O I AGREE!!!!!!!!! wow. love u, man! haha! :DD

Frivolous girl said...

i totally agree with you too

mShachi said...

Hy babe...not sure if u check your facebook..but i know that you will check your blog. check your facebook yo.. muah...i love you and miss you..

elaneng said...

u r perfectly right in ur own view n situations.

I lived a few years in the culture that u r applauding at. 'who cares about how I look outwrdly. What matters is the heart.' U juz imagine, what would happen to a church who has is no acceptable dress culture.

Would u like 2 c a lady coming in2 d church in bikini bcos that is comfortable to her. come on brader, learn 2 put ader's interes 1st. s u r doing it 2 d lord. it would b pathelic c ing u being dejected juz by the comment made 2u on ur appearance.

u know wat? acceptable dress code changes fr x 2 x. But d principle of dressing appropriately according the present culture survives. ur label of d church 'SIB' is sick juz bcos d dress culture is not suitable 2u is poorly justifiable. Christians r 2 live as a community, not as an island.

Would u rather b in a church service where people are wearing singlet, bra, man and woman (girl & boy friends) hugging and kissing each other, torn pants 8 d buttock, very long hair and smelly?

Pls appreciate things fr both sides so dat u can giv a more reasonable explanation to urself n others.

Cheers n rejoice always!

Tremonti said...

"'who cares about how I look outwrdly. What matters is the heart.' U juz imagine, what would happen to a church who has is no acceptable dress culture."

Your comment is well appreciated here but i dont think you got the point here. Well it is better to clarify, as i did not post every angle of the issue. When i talk about dress code i mean- Smart- for guys that is shirt (buttoned, long sleeve or short), tie, slacks and tucked in. That kind of thing. I am not responding to a permissible anything goes dressing. Please, that is not what i mean. But then i did not state that so sorry. It would be funny to think that i would condone girls wearing bras to worship. Man that is not me.

What i am actually expressing is that church here (i will use this as universal as possible) looks more at this issue in faith. A simple wearing jeans and t shirt is unacceptable in some places but not all. But is that really where we should trad our faith, to say that we have dress codes. Believe me i hear people say that there is an appropriate dress code for church. And snicker at people who dont achieve that standard.

My point is this let us stot looking at the minor issue and focus more on the vital issues. Dress codes are not so much taught in the bible for that matter.

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