Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Cronicles of SHEEP (Pt1)

Once upon a time there lived a shepherd. Ok many shepherds say like a few to be exact. These shepherds were given some responsibility by another shepherd. This was the head shepherd. He simply said tend the sheep. Feed them, clean them, make sure you take care of the sheep if they get sick, nurse them if they need it. And one more thing, protect them at all costs. If lions come, or bears or dogs hurt them, it is your responsibility to fend these animals off. Do what you can to protect these sheep that i am entrusting to you.

And with that the head shepherd left them with some sheep dogs for the purpose of protecting the sheep. As soon as he had given his shepherds these mandate he left. "I will return soon," he said.

So as times passed, there was some sort of chaos happening in the sheep pasture. Some sheep were found wounded, some were being deprived of food even. This was strange because there were shepherds and dogs helping around to tend after the sheep. This was confusing.

The sheep were in constant fear.


It was said after interviewing some of the sheep, those sheep that were quit vocal on the culprit were shut down because there was fear. "We should not even talk about it," they all snickered. These were either sheep that were looking at the positive outcome but really didn't want conflict.
But news was soon spread by two or some more sheep that some of the dogs were responsible for the chaos. So a contingent of the sheep that felt that they should bring these things to the open went to meet the shepherds, who were the authority figures.

But instead of hearing their voices the shepherds said just forgive the dog even though he did what he did. He is responsible to the head shepherd. Yes we see the bite marks on your bodies but it is for your own good. Suffer for a while.

"What is this???" the sheep said. They could not believe their fluffy ears. Didn't the shepherd have the authority to protect them????? This was confusing.

to be continued....

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