Saturday, September 13, 2008

An insecure tribsman

Deep in the jungles of Borneo there were these native people. The as you can guess by now lived in the jungle, away from civilization. These were primitive people who still lacked the knowledge of hygiene. As natives they had certain things that they do that they pass on to the next generation. Things like how to hunt, tricks and lessons on where to go, how to survive and all that. These things were passed on from generation to generation. This was to ensure survival of the next generation as there was wisdom passed on to them.

There was once this tribe headsman who knew a lot (That's why he was the headsman Duh!). He was the One (If you know what i mean). He was respected by his tribe because of the abilities he had, he knew his way around and he was handsome too which all the village girls were smitten whenever this 'Brad Pitt of the jungle' passed by. You could say that he had everything.

But his problem was he was insecure. He did not want anyone to be as good at him. He loved his status so much that he rarely passed on his wisdom. He kept them most to himself. Ok, he wasn't all that bad. He did show some of the wisdom he had to certain tribesman but it was just to those who he knew would be his 'yes men'.

As you could expect the tribe soon dwindled because there was no acquired wisdom being passed on to the younger generation. A lot of them were ignorant to the ways of living in the jungle. Some died as a result.

It was soon to be the destruction of this certain tribe, because there was no jungle wisdom passed on to the new generation. In the end the tribe leader who was insecure died and soon everything died on with him.

This was the tribe called 'A complete work of fiction but a story non the less'.

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