Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Respect...an Asian Perspective (as how I see it)

When we look at this word 'respect', one of the things I am realizing now is words have very different meanings depending on the context of where we are. I am seeing now that 'respect' in the Asian perspective is 'unquestionable submission'. If you are someone in a lower position there is no such thing as conjuring up enough strength to ask questions. The only thing that one in a lower position is responsible of is, to make as i understand is, 'shut up and do as you are told and no questions asked'.

This is really a misunderstanding of the word respect. It is also a misunderstanding of how we understand 'questioning'. When someone 'questions' in an Asian context, it is understood as an attack. I think this is something we Asians struggle with. I think this is also because of the kind of culture that we have been brought up in.

I see it as something that the church has to overcome and be models to the world. It is a cultural shift, and this is where i can see the church paving the way forward.


elaneng said...

brader, it seems that u r going thru the period of searching ur self-identity and worth as an individual child of God. Issues like your individual right, freedom of speech and circularism. Respect doesn't come easy in this fallen world. It is a hard-earned recognition. The ideal perspective or idea about respect will never be able to be practiced perfectly as long as it is to be carried outin this fallen world. Asian perspective or 'modern, western, ideal' perspectve, both have their own flaws. You will be respected for siding either side. One important thing remains, your real worth is not rested on the respect you get from people. But it is on your position and relationship with Jesus. Jesus' worth was not based on the respect that people attributed to him. BUT, he was respected and held in great honour because of His intimate relationship with his Father. His parents, siblings and disicples all failed Him in one way or another. He rebuked the Pharisees and teachers of the law for their hypocrisy. Did that deny him of his worth and respect? Wow, I really marvel at the boldness and frankness you displayed in your several 'personal opinions' you penned down in your blogg. Brader, my humble, old fashion advice is this, be very wise in your comments. Make sure that your honest comments on the churches and Christian community be maintained in balance as much as possible. I personally would be very sad if your noble intentions in your blogg hinders you from achieving the full potential that God had planned for u in his kingdom on earth. I will keep you in my prayer. Injustice, lie, hypocrisy, criticism, fake identity, and other unbecoming practices of Christians, church leaders, pastors' will always be around. To be honest with ourselves, you and I are not exceptional from falling into this problems. Our duty is to get ourselves aligned with God in the midst of this 'ugly faces' of creatures saved by grace.

Tremonti said...

Hi, i appreciate your comments and yes i dont hide the fact that the things i have posted before are a bit strong and harsh for the matter. I did think about putting them off but then again i just want to know what people think about issues. Sometimes we all tend to just quieten ourselves too much. Taking the approach of letting thing by and all that.

I do not deny that i too am biased in my views and understandings. I am no undermining the fact that I too am a sinner in need of rebuke (alot that is :) ). But the thing is i have dissected the facts and gotten hold of what is going on and responding to what is happening.

But for starters, I do want to convey things more responsibly (whatever that means for all of us). Thanks for the comments. I appreciate these sort of things, regardless of your disagreements.

Actually this post is just a perspective that i just feel that is pervading here. I just would value if just once we could voice out a disagreement without being thought of as an 'enemy'. Well regardless if you agree i am for constructive discussions that has agreements and disagreements but still maintains integrity and friendships.

Anonymous said...

Eleneng, I hope you'll really pray for tremonti!(not just say it!)...so that, he'll be able to write some more faith-challenging articles...that'll be awesome. By the way, it is so true that sometimes culture does affects the way people think...even Christians!."I am older than you"...this phrase makes me sick most of the times...Yeah, sometimes older people are not so wise, btw!

You'll here them preach, "Young people, you are the leader for the next generation! Be bold in your action, do not let them look down at you because you're young..." quoting Timothy and whatsoever verses they can think of...and yet, when the young ones voice out their opinions / correcting some of the present leaders (veterans- the chosen one) decisions / action, the young ones are called rebels!!!hmm...sad isn't it?!

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