Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Missional...a shift from the Emergent/Emerging Perspective

I have been going through some books lately, two to be precise. I'm almost finished with "The Shape of Things to Come" by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch and going through another book called "Breaking the Missional Code" by Ed Stetzer. These books are amazing. They centre around mission's concept of being church. I have got to say that this is somewhat new to me. The proposal that stems from the book, from what I have read seems radical. I would say that if we would be bold enough to incorporate these concepts, pricipels and ideas we would ripple the institution of our churches.

The first book is a hard read because i am not that familiar with some of the things that they are addressing. Probably, if one wants to start to understand the Missional conversation, read the second book that i mentioned above. Only then read the first one.

Some of the impressions that i got from reading "The Shape of Things to Come" were 'This is interesting', 'are you kidding me', 'you got to be serious', 'i want to see how you work this out', 'man i don't understand this part please clarify', 'If we do that here we are sure to get the boot!', 'GROUND BREAKING!'.

Well, I just have one more chapter to go on "The Shape of Things to Come". So if you guys have the chance to buy or order the book, i highly recommend these two books. I'm also planning to read "The Forgotten Way" by Alan Hirsch. This is another amazing book too.

We need to educate ourselves as an up and coming generation of leaders for the greater challenges ahead for the church. Things are not going to be easy, so that is why we have to prepare ourselves to get our hands dirty! These books are a way forward!

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