Monday, January 5, 2009

Being a help to society

I would like to share with you story that got my mind thinking.

Some few days ago Rachel heard the news that her colleague's house had burnt down. She and her family lost most of their belongings in the mishap. What struck me was that after Rachel had posted on
facebook the needs of her colleague, basically it was just to inform he other colleagues on what they can do to help, a certain youth (from the youth group that I was a part of before) responded by calling Rachel that she wanted to help. So last night me and Rachel went to her house and received her token of help for Rachel's colleague. But to tell you the truth, that single response from that christian youth member made my day even if it was just one person responding, but none the less it is a part of Jesus' body extending help to people.

It got me thinking. Thinking about how we as Christians can be some sort of impact in society. I just find it so prevalent these days that the church constantly talk about being an impact in society but their actions don't really show that they are any sort of even a hint of impact. Why? Because all they meetings are geared towards a Christian setting. A Christian setting that I am
trying to define here is in the form of a service sort of setting where there is singing, preaching, praying for people and refreshments after all that. Talk about being an impact to society.

I just think that for a change we quit that form of being an impact and search for other ways we can be an extension of Jesus' body. I mean with all our members in church scattered and working or studying in our city where we live in we can be an impact.
One of the things we can do is extending our Christian community (Church) to the society by way of our members being the bridge to connect the two.

What I mean by this is each member of the church has his or her own sphere of life (her work place, her family, her neighbourhood, her friends). These spheres represent some part of the society in which we live in (our context is
MIRI). So each member of the church plays the role of being bridges of her small section of society that the Church can extend her hands.

Lets say in
Rachel's case, if her sphere of life, he slice of society as a whole is her work place when she sees a need that she thinks the church can help, she can address the need to the church and the church will do what they can to muster the best help they can give to those in need. This would eliminate just a one person extending help (just one small slice of the church) to unleash a flood of help from all segments of the church (the entire body of that particular church). In this manner everyone in the church can extend their help because on of their church member is part of that particular society.

Now if we were to remove the microscopic view of just one member and project how it would look like on the basis of all the members of the church it depicts a powerful picture and possibility of how the church can be an impact to the society that she is part of.

I would like to add to these thoughts with this video of Don Carson, John Piper and Tim Keller. I wanted to do some explanation of this issue on my own but I found their discussion stimulating to say the least in talking about how we are to think about impact. (just the beginning part actually)

Any thoughts (on the the post as a whole or the video)?

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RachelRaymond said...

Nicely put and yea...something to ponder on

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