Friday, July 11, 2008

Will I sink, swim or stay on the brink...and other thoughts parading my mind!

It's hard to figure out at this time whether what i feel is excitement or just fear. It's all mixed up. At the moment I will be handed the responsibility to lead some youths under the moniker 'Youth Pastor'! OMG!

Fro the past few days or so i've been down with a very bad fever and then news that this was brooding up made me have some sleepless nights already. We i just had to ask God, "is this you giving me all the pressure?" Well obviously it's not God so that's why i could get some sleep. I mean would God torture me with those thoughts!

But really I really am scratching my head and thinking what to do. This is sort of like a crisis situation and well I need you to pray with me.

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