Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Narrow perspective...tangled and tied down

Some times i feel like Christianity is all tangled up. I'm a Christian and that is how i feel sometimes (maybe on a bad day?). But the thing is, i feel the Christianity that we often project is sort of like kills life, kills fun, kills freedom, kills almost everything.

I'm just telling you that sometimes i feel the good new, the way we project it is like a set of rules and yet we say that it is freedom. That is sort of funny.

How do we change this? How is Christianity like anyway minus our ramblings about don't do this and don't do that. Or this is how one should dress. As if Christianity and believing in Jesus was all about those things.

I feel we have sucked the life out of something so beautiful. Like sucking the life out of following Jesus.

Come to think of it, there is some sort of beauty in that phrase "following Jesus". It has some sort of excitement and the feeling like something is going to happen and your heart races, and you just want to learn from this person.

We have somehow lost this sense of following Jesus. This sens of tailing behind him and being fascinated by following Jesus. The Christianity that we live now feels like we are one step a head of Jesus because we have already felt like we know what is a head. We loose that sense of learning, expectation of being awed by him and all that.

Follow Jesus. We are always one step behind ...always. But none the less headed in the right direction because we see what he is doing and like wise do what he does.

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