Monday, June 23, 2008

Thinking of the Future and other stuff in the Middle

Sometimes the future is scary to think about. It can be something like a constant source of stress if we keep on 'living in the future' (not literally that is). But although that is the case we do have to think about the future (sometimes that sucks). Thinking about the future has something to do with growing up and being mature.

Life gets complicated when we grow up, we will tend to notice things that we never thought about. Stuff like, doing savings, having a job, knowing how to live in the real world, buying a house, owning a vehicle, looking for a wife, starting a family. Growing up, life gets complicated and hard.

To tell you the truth it's something that we all struggle with, as young adults whether we choose to think about it now or later. Eventually we will have to face the fact of life that our dependency on those we call mom and dad will fade so we grow wings and become independent. Sometime i wish that being a follower of Jesus has it's pros when you go through life, like you don't have to worry about all the stuff i was talking about earlier.

But the thing is, we are no different from other people on this earth in the scope of making decisions and living life. We still have to think about savings, insurance, family, career, all the normal stuff. I mean lets not loose focus. We are not exempted from the struggles of this world.

So what i would advice (haha) is that we have to take life seriously. We have to live it to the best that we can. We have to know stuff in this world. We cannot be escaping into our own 'heaven' and think that our engagement in the world is of no use at all. It does matter, life matters, our decisions matter, our family matter, our life on earth matter and our life in God matters all the more. Lets be realistic and live in this world as best as we can.

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