Sunday, June 1, 2008

Must Faith Be sure...a conversation on reading the bible

Sometimes i feel uncomfortable with faith always being 'sure without a doubt'. When i think about it at time i just fell a bit uneasy. Not that i am loosing my faith, but, sometimes we as human beings have our moments when we doubt...

People always make it like these people in the bible are completely sure of what they hear from God, or completely at ease with all God tells them to do. Sure we find not many dramatic stories where the characters in the bible struggle with what God tell them to do. To me this element is somehow 'missing'. Not that it is missing because we might loose faith in God...i think it is missing because God wants us to live in their reality. I think that God wants us more to experience the in between of those characters. In a way the bible was written that we engage and feel through them. Too many times we are mechanical when we read the 'text' and we make it dry and unexciting. That's why i think that we are to engage the stories with our human emotions as well. Let our feelings, our humanness be exposed in between the lines of the narrative.

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