Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sometimes when we hear people talk about their experiences in God, how God changed their lives they make it like nothing bad can happen. Its like consumerism or ads in the Tv. Products that off all good things and nothing bad. But is that really what a life in God entails???

First, God is unseen. We cant see him. Even if i ask you to draw how God looks like would you be able to give just form of how he looks like. Have we seen him??? No we havent.

Second, we almost dont feel him. Sure there are times of feeling but there are more times of dryness. in fact times of dryness outnumbers those feeling moments.

Third, we cant even hear him speak audibly. We say we read his word but have we ever heard him???

There are lots more, raging from, why he doesn't answer our prayers, to why he didn't intervine when he should.

But what make me say 'i believe. help my unbelief' experience, i think Jesus. Sure he had like powers that undo evil, he too succumbed to pain when it went his way. It is somewhat haunting to read when Jesus says "God why have thou forsaken me"...but all the more reassuring that faith struggles as well but still believes.

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