Friday, June 27, 2008

(Crisis) in the should we respond??

Sometimes i wonder, what would be a Christian response, patience or protest (not the violent one that is).

A reminder that this is a post criticizing the practices of MY CHURCH on finances and NOT a UNIVERSAL CRITICISM of the CHURCH as a whole.

I think everywhere (or maybe it is JUST in Miri) issues arise almost always on finances. And those who almost always get stuck in the middle are the pastors and full-time workers. This has been going on for ages, and i am surprised that the present Church still struggles with this issue although she is now rooted in the city. The church never seems to learn.

We say we have a God who created the world and a God who is Rich, and he can provide for our needs. This is true and i believe this. But sometime we just talk only and do not think how we are to apply all this.

My point is this, my church has the finances and all that, i commend all those in the church who faithfully tithe and give their offerings, but when all the money is given to the Church, the money gets stuck and it is so damn hard to use even just a little money for the ministry because those who take care of the finances seem to have the bigger authority then the Pastors.

To me, pastors are called to do their specific work for God not to suffer in the hands of their own BROTHERS!!! This is a disgrace! If one should suffer it should be in the hands of hardened fundamentalists opposed to Christianity.

Let me ask, are pastors exempted from living a good life? One that has financial freedom. But there are some people who think that the pastor should not live a good life, but the pastor should learn about depending on God. Come on. Do you think God will hand down money with his own hands or make money rain down? This is complete heresy!

Wouldn't it be more realistic that those who believe in Jesus have enough sense to discern the needs of those called by God to ministry. This was what John in his epistle wrote about, if we see our brothers and sisters in need, we do something about it. Not pray for them or tell them God be with you, or have faith! This is utterly stupid.

Mind my words! Sorry, but i am just disgusted at the practices of the leaders in the church. Has the church (its establishment) lost it's senses being an alternative community? Even the secular world does better to care for their workers, but the church who says that Jesus is the center of their lives acts more like people who do not know God.

Wake up!!!! Unless we do something about this, i don't have to be a prophet to say this but the church will eventually die, that present church will die, and new church will rise up that do not work the same way as the old wineskin.

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