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Walking Again after Blogging

Let me start with a question, "How has your journey through the blogging world been?" I ask the question because, although i have enjoyed many meaningful interaction reading the comments and putting my opinions up front, there have been major turning points that have sort of plumed me down in my journey. I'm still recovering from the process though, but it has been a rough tumble nonetheless.

I've only started blogging last year. It started as something that I wanted to try out as an outlet to project my thoughts and opinion on issues regarding the christian faith. After getting the hang of it, blogging turned out to be fun whenever I read comments from people. I have to say that it is something i look forward to whenever I have just published a post. I really value the interactions. Putting up opinions is not something we do as something normal in the context of place I am in so, it was good that I had some sort of outlet to share some of my own opinions on stuff.

But as this got underway, there were complications that I faced, mainly from my 'employers' as they were somewhat disgusted with some of the post that I had put up on the blog, so much so as there we threats of taking legal action against me. I had a meeting with them and was soon relieved from my responsibilities where I worked. They even gave me an option of stepping down early from the agreed 1 year term that I served with a full payment of my salary according to the amount of month left before the contract expired, but I opted to stay on until I fulfilled my time working there. But those months were torrid as I was deprived of anymore responsibilities.

Blogging does has it's good spots where we are able to share our opinions on stuff but it can also lead to unimaginable anguish if people take these opinions on a different stance other that what they were supposed to be, just personal opinions which people can agree or disagree with. But on a side not, i have no hard feelings on the things that has happened now. It has been one of the dark chapters in my life, one that I don't think i would want to relive again. But things happen and the only way through is forward. It has been a long and winding battle to forgive, to move on and look ahead, but then that's life. I'm discerning more challenges up ahead, and the constant thought of "will they ever cease?" I doubt they will.

So here's to my experience in blogging. Bitter sweet memories. I wouldn't trade them but then again I wouldn't relive them (hurtful ones that is)! So back to the question:

"How has your journey through the blogging world been?"


Mason said...

Very thoughtful question Tremonti.
I’m quite sorry to hear how much trouble blogging has caused you in your job, it is unfortunate that employers feel the need to censor divergent opinions.
If it is any consolation I think everyone who reads your blog would agree that we get a lot out of the conversation here. Keep asking questions.

My personal blogging experience has not been at all what I expected.
Once I got to that place between graduating from college and moving on to grad school I found that I was no longer able to have the deep theological/social discussions I had come to enjoy during school.
I tried theology forums, but found the attitude of most people there to be more concerned with scoring points and fighting than actual dialogue, blogging however (when done correctly) seemed to offer a more civil venue for discussion.
When I started I didn’t expect much to come of it, mostly wanted to be able to get some thoughts out. As some of my posts actually started to be read I was quite surprised (and still am to be honest).
Though at times I question if it is the right thing for me to be doing, and if it is worth it to put my thoughts out there, I have all in all really enjoyed the back and forth of blogging and so I’ll keep at it for now.

Tremonti said...

"blogging however (when done correctly) seemed to offer a more civil venue for discussion."

I find this true as well mason, to some degree. I think it is a safe space to interact and dialogue. For me it is the dialogue is what pulled me to blogging. Before starting my blog I read a lot of Scot McKnight's posts on Jesus Creed. I was impressed by the discussions following each post. It amazed me how people think in diverse ways on a single post. So that is one thing that attracted me to blogging!

And yes, i do echo you here

"Though at times I question if it is the right thing for me to be doing, and if it is worth it to put my thoughts out there.."

I think it becomes complicated if people take the opinions of the posts we blog in a direction other than healthy dialogue regardless if we agree or not. I find it sometimes jolted by comments in a way that they do help alter some thoughts I originally had. All in all it wides the mind. But it is scary at times to be misunderstood. To me blogging has its positives as well as negatives. A process we learn over time.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Sorry to read of this, Tremonti. I guess that can happen over here, in the States, as well, though I think it's less of a problem, generally, but I'm just guessing out loud, now.

My experience has been good. I find that I have to visit other people's blogs, and I really do want to, but I need to, if I expect others to read my blog.

Of course no matter how good a blog may be, we all have other irons in the fire, so we may end up neglecting blogs we'd like to get on.

I find it can easily take up too much time, on the one hand, but that I can end up just doing enough to keep my own blog afloat, and barely at times, at that.

But like you point out here, it is an interesting and in some ways, a good outlet.

Blessings. The Lord is risen indeed!

Tremonti said...

thanks for your input in this. Stuff you said are things that i do as well, though now i haven't been commenting regularly on other blogs as of now, though I do go and read stuff other people wrote. I should add that your blog and writing reminds me of Eugene Peterson though! Blogging makes the curiosity urge for knowledge accessible. I like to read other people's thoughts on things and spiritual matters.


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