Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Idol and Luke 14:8-11

I watch a healthy dose of American Idol simply because it's fun. And with 5 contestants left on American Idol 2009, the odds were obvious to some on who were supposed to be safe. Simon was always reliable in his predictions but this week became the ‘unpredictable week’ when, out of all the contestants Adam was in the bottom three. Everyone was shocked.

What amused me was when Ryan Seacrest was parting the contestants to stand on the left and right, after placing Matt and Kris on the right and Allison and Danny on the left, Ryan asked Adam which group he belonged to. I think Adam was confident so he said based on last night’s performance, he chose the ranks of Danny and Allison. But boy was he in for a surprise when Ryan ushered him in the bottom three with Matt and Kris.

So much for confidence and being constantly praised by the judges as the runaway winner, which makes me think of climbing the theological ladder of getting the idea that we are the in thing in theological discussions as well as knowing the right perspective. Like Adam, we might be the one who knows the tricks of the trade meaning that we are wide in our knowledge and we might just be talking about the right stuff but let’s not let it get too much in our heads. Lets learn to say that we are always learning and stay humble despite the stuff we know and the position we hold.

Fame and pride, they corrode our sincerity and vision. When they seep in too much in us, and in our heads we forget what our passions were about and make it all about us; all about me. That's just wrong. Read Luke 14:8-11 for reference.


pearlie said...

I thought of not "being" an AI fan this round but the current team is too good to ignore. I was surprised Adam was one of the bottom two and I think it could be due to one of these 2 reasons: (1) like what happened to Daughtry, the others got more votes because both Daughtry and Lambert were considered safe, or (2) though I have loved all of Adam's performances so far, I didn't like it this round - to me it was his worst.

On your thoughts about climbing the theological ladder, I know what you mean. There was one time when my friends and I were discussing how one of our pastors were influenced by the theological thoughts and slant of one era and how not-quite-right we thought it to be. But I also thought that whilst I think I am right, there could well be a group of new theologians who would say the same about me in the near future.

Tremonti said...

Good points on AI. haha. YEah i do agree on point no.1 as well. Everyone thought he was safe, even he himself but this week was a shocker. AS for performance, i think he has become predictable.

What you said here,
"But I also thought that whilst I think I am right, there could well be a group of new theologians who would say the same about me in the near future."
Sure enough this time would come in the near future. but I hope i we stay humble as well as with an eye to continue learning.

Anonymous said...

my wife loves the show so i watch with her and have grown to enjoy it purely for the insight into human nature and oddity that it offers.

but i wonder if what you say about fame and pride is true (and i believe it is) then are we who support the show with our time fostering sin?

Tremonti said...


I have no problems watching the show and all that. But your comments are really penetrating and it got me thinking also as well. Especially on pride and fame. I think they are personal struggles within us to battle with. I see it more as a personal issue kind of thing. But that does not make me push aside our responsibility in aiding 'pried' in people. I think it's a vise-versa kind of thing. I'm not sure if we can pin it strongly as a sin but it can be. I'm just unable to pin point an obvious rule to when it is a sin though. Thanks for you comments!

pearlie said...

then are we who support the show with our time fostering sin?Interesting thought. Like what Tremonti said, one could have sinned as a response to another's action but the person who sin is still personally responsible for it. But on the other hand, those who tempt I suppose are responsible for their actions as well.

I remember these verses:-

Luke 17:2 It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.

Ezekiel 33:6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, that person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman's hand.

But I am still thinking who's responsibility would it be in one's fame and pride -- one's pride is a very personal thing, I think regardless of anything that another did or did not do, when there is self, there is pride.

Back to AI -- I think we can put fame aside: I mean, one can have fame and yet be humble about it. And I still think pride is a personal responsibility. Say for discussion sake, AI is a flop and nobody watches it but the show does go on. Pride can still be there if the contestants cannot see beyond themselves.

Anyway, just my 2-cents -- I do go on and on :)

Tremonti said...


Good take. like this quote "I think we can put fame aside: I mean, one can have fame and yet be humble about it. And I still think pride is a personal responsibility." We pretty much have examples of this in real life (Mother theresa, Bono..does he count???..) but lets leave the personal responsibility to the person, what we have is just an outlook at how one appears. As for AI...yes the show still goes on.

carlo said...

hello Tremonti, i also Watch American Idol Episodes Online all season. Really good show. in this show adams and David play very beautiful role. I like it.

Anonymous said...

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Jessica Hart said...

Its wonderful reality musical show. I like this show very much. My friends also watch Full Episodes of American Idol online. We really enjoy this show.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite show. American Idol is rocking musical show.

smith said...

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