Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Prodigal Son- Explained by Kenneth E. Bailey

Some important cultural context in which we should consider when we interpret this parable. Good stuff.


CeLiNe said...

ouuh! knew bout the earlier cultural part of the story but 1st time hearing the repentant point part..

to think it was actually the father's love & heart break that probed deep to bring about that true repentance. it's amazing to me..

Tremonti said...


Echo you on that one. It does actually gives us a better picture of God and what pains he goes through to 'wait' and 'woo' us back. It is also something we have to embody as well.

theholywild said...

check out

Tremonti said...


cool link, he is one of my favorite pastor and author. I'm thinking when this book would fill up my bookshelf!

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