Saturday, February 9, 2008


Right now or a couple of hours ago, i was doing my sermon(s) preperation to Bintulu. And both of them would cover different topics. I haven't got the hang of it yet but i do home some day i would be able to have my own method of 'how to prepare sermons'. I just get a kick out of it!!!

Well anyway, for the first sermon im preparing it will be directed to the youths (speaking for the district youth meeting, which is not something that i would have expected but the challenge is embraced!). I gonna be talking on God calling us to bear fruit that will last. I got the rough idea but still working on it. Going through i learnet something; that God chooses us. In God's call, he is the one who makes the choice. According to the study note in my bible, disciples, or before they are called disciples, they are the ones that dicide on who will teach them. They make the choice. Just like when we learn in mentoring, mentors do not seek their prote'ge', it is the prote'ge' who seeks their teacher. Like Luke Skywalker seeking a Jedi master, Yoda. Well for Jesus, he prays and calls people specifically. It is his choice. That is surely profound. Imagine someone brilliant that you have always adimred coming up to you and say that they want to train you! That would be mind blowing.

The other sermon that i'd be preaching would be on getting our christian life out of the box. In other words spirituality out of the box. Looking at it three measures; 1.that we often define spirituality to fine tune what we think it is/ to make it fit us and a no pain approach, 2.we compound spirituality, and 3.we compartmentalize spirituality. When we work out spirituality/ christian life in this manner we box it up, because we don't want to make it look messy. We want to control rather them let the Spirit control how we should live the Christian life.

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