Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I have been thinking...

I've been thinking lately about authenticity...about how we as followers of Jesus are really authentic in our confessional practices. What i mean here is, in praying, in reading the bible, in church, well thats the whole context that i am talking about.

Like, sometimes when we are in a prayer meeting, and it gets really really boring. We hear people speaking of things that dont really connect, like they are going round and round. And nothing is really going on great. Does this sound normal? Ok, now we are asked to pray about something, a certain issue or a need. People looking rather dour and pale and lifeless when the explanation of the prayer matter is shared. There is no convincing stare of interest. Then when we ask to pray, people just spark with very faithful words, belief that God would answer prayer. I mean in the whole setting of boringness thare is a belief in God that he will answer prayer. That sound rather dull.

To me, personally, sometimes when i am in these situations i find it more truthful to what i feel and truthful to God that i just ask him questions. Because i just dont feel like i should fake it. We do that all the time when we are asked to pray aloud! I mean it would look a funny and pethetic sight if we were in God's position and see that. Sometimes i think its something that we just down play. Like we always have to do it like that, we always have to pray like that. CAnt we actually pray with truth? I mean when we are doubting we tell God, when we feel weak we tell him, when we are confused we let him know. WE dont do that often. Why?

We say that God knows how we are inside but its more of a show now. So that peole get fooled at how believing we are although we dont mean what we pray. HOw shoud we combat this untruth? Can there be an enviroment where we can create to encourage authenticity? I want to see that happen...

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