Monday, February 4, 2008


I would have to say that last week was a 'crazy' week. I felt my time sucked dry and being sapped out of my energy. Man was it busy crazy kinda week. It's like, go to work in the morning and then go back, rest a while and then off to a meeting. It's crazy man. Responsibilities...they never get done and get finished.

I wonder, is that why pastors get burn out?

Well it is one h### of a ride. Haha. Well last night was somewhat disappointing. Well we hade some sort of continued leaders meeting and boy was it embarassing. The whole group of adults were laughing at the term young adults. I just dont get it. They were saying that the term does not exist and if i were to interpret, the term was irelevant and somewhat dumb. I just cant understand that there is such a perseption. It is crazy. How can you possibly mould teens, collage students, and younger adults who are working together in a teaching setting. I feel, if you want to cater specifically to a group you will always have to consider their seperations regardless of what. I dont mean that they cant mix together, i just mean that if we really want to reacha group, we have to know where they are. Is that so difficult????

Mabey for them it is. No wonder the christian doctrine can never be deeply ingrained in the people, because we just want the net to be as wide as possible. We like large nets. We can catch all sorts of things with a big net. But would a one type net be able to catch smaller fish? Are they used to catch crabs? Come on and wake up!!! We need all types of nets or traps.

Man just feel like ranting my frustrations!!!

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