Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sometimes i wish

I guess sometimes we wish that mistakes could be 'repaired' easily. But in life, that is not always the case. When i think about it i wish that there was a magic wand that we could twirl around and 'presto', what was broken is now mended. I confess that sometimes i myself want instant results, instant mending.

Sometimes i wish that God would just make things right in this wrong world. I mean mend it. Like broken lives, hurting people, poor people, broken families etc.

We long for God to hurl the evil and bring the good.

But this all takes time (a lot of time and patience). God is there, but he doesn't work in the way of our culture's 'instant noodle' mentality.

This is one of the reasons that there is the community of God's people (the church, and i dont mean the building). We all need mending and support in this world. We need a place or people to turn to. To me the mendings and healings for humanity should be found in God's community. This is the community that knows and has it's trust in God. The community that shares a common message; that there is hope and there is healing and there is truly LIFE.

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