Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Just to start it all off, just like to say hi to all!

This blogging thing is a new experience (that makes me sound old). Basically what i want to do is talk about serious stuff (most of the time) and coupled with things that are easy on the side. Well i hope that i dont run off steam too fast...but lets see how things are going.

Basically im gonna be blogging a lot on Christianity and things that are connected to it. I just want to post out some of the things that i am thinking. Most of the stuff would be what i believe, hence 'mycreed'. But i'm an eager learner and that means i want to learn from the comments that you give.

Well that's about it for the time being. In a few hours i'll be off to a prayer meeting. Wow. Something that i have to learn to love (haha, it has not been that easy to love prayer, confessions, confessions). Ok adios. My sister is breathing behind my back, thinking how weird it looks that im blogging!!! well i'll show her!


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reminisceonmemories said...

put some more posts lerr..
look so boringg..
see minee nyehh..

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