Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wright on his 'justification' book

Gotta love this.


Mason said...

Excellent video, I linked to the same one in my post on Wright's new book, really summarizes where he is coming from.

Tremonti said...

Hey Mason, yes it does doesn't it. Amazing that he can make such themes and communicate them in a concise form. I read your post on that and will be reading through your take on the book!


Anonymous said...

im interested to read this! im particularly fond of nt wright anyway and im very keen on his big picture approach. i would really love to see he and piper have a conversation about all this.

Tremonti said...

The book is good and scot Mcknight is continuing his discussion about the book which is great help as well. Yes and it would be a blast if ever, piper and wright did a face to face conversation about this!!!

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