Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chunk of (Senti-)Metal (value)

My girlfriend asked me some few years back, "Is that your briefcase?" To which I replied, "No, that's my laptop!"

I remember my days in bible college and you know when, as a student, we all in some ways struggle with the issue of money. I was in my second year and in need of a computer, and i was desperate. I asked some people in the church whether they could help me to purchase a computer but somehow my plea came unheard. I don't blame them though. But low and behold my bible school principle met up with some former students from the college who were looking to unload their old computers, two laptops to be precise were on the 'for sale' label. I was clearly exited to hear about the news because it was something that I have been praying and waiting for. It was a godsend actually. So I went and got to see the laptops that were being displayed and after a quick look, and check through I decided that this was the laptop for me.

It cost me RM600.00 bucks from money me and my girlfriend collected together. It served me well for 2 and a half years (I think) and finally died out with all my documents and papers that I wrote (typed in this case) lost forever in the now prehistoric hard drive. So here are some cool pictures of the chunk of metal that helped me through college.
I have no idea what model this thing was but it sure ain't a briefcase. Both of us had a good laugh after that.

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