Monday, May 26, 2008

Challenge for our day

This is one book that will make you rethink about alot of things and challenge what you thinks cannot be challenged before. Anyway its sort of like an introduction into the Emergent Christian thing. So if you are a person who is interested in anything Emergent, or someone who is new to the whole thing or have never heard of it before, this is the book to start with (a good book to start with). I'm on the last chapter at the moment and will post some reflections on what the book made me think about...sure to be a shocker in some sense. We for anyone interested in Emergent, don't be afraid at the things that these people are talking about, rather converse with them, think through, reflect. I am in some sense Emergent in my thoughts, but something you got to know, not all people who are emergent have the same philosophy. There are many expressions...please dont generalize is the ethos that i see here. So Google Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt, Dan Kimball to name a few that i am more familiar with and jump into the Emergent conversation.

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