Monday, April 7, 2008

'Missing the point'

Are we (Christians) constantly missing the point about what Jesus calls us to do and be?

Most of the time, the answer is yes, we are missing the point when we follow the guidelines of 'religion' (how the world tells us to be christians), that our faith is just a facet of life and it just touches the spiritual dimension of life rather then all of life. With this kind of thinking we are just disengaged with reality-life, and we make reality as the place where we escape-church (which is not how church is supposed to be understood). We miss the point of being followers of Jesus when we are being 'religious'.

We don't miss the point when we see our lives as 24/7 God enthroning walk that we carry into all areas of life which we have- like there is totally no restriction of our faith and the other things we do, for in everything we praise and glorify God.

We dont miss the point when we identify ourselves as human beings and not super human religion' does to us, with the advantage of knowing the creator and Lord thus knowing in a sense what we are created to do, What God had ideally intend for us to be.

We don't miss the point when we become agents of reconciliation to the world as a whole (not just human beings). Earth is God's and we are to treat the earth with responsibility- and humanity is God's, made in his image being his early representative, to humans we should show respect.

We dont miss the point when we see the gospel as far greater news then our shallow - Jesus died for my sins so that i can escape hell and go to heaven. If that is the case (going to heaven), we dont have to hear Jesus' call to feed the poor, heal the sick, love our neighbour, bless our enemies and love one another (to name a few).

We dont miss the point when we say that our belief consists of loving God- devotedly; and loving others as well.

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